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StGuideEx1 - -main neurotransmitters functions and...

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PSYC 101 – Dr. Levens Study Guide – Exam 1 Remember concentrate on class notes. Chapter 1 - Franzoi - famous first psychologists – what they accomplished, not concerned by dates - psychology subfields – clinical, experimental etc., - know what each field studies Chapter 2 – Franzoi - scientific method – know the general process - descriptive studies (case, survey, naturalistic observation) – know what each is and limits to each - correlation – same as above - experimentation – know the experimental process, definitely know independent and dependent variable , random assignment, controls Chapter 3 – Franzoi (Neurons and Brain) - parts of the neuron and what they do - process of neuronal transmission from start to finish - depolarization, hyperpolarization, threshold, action potential, refractory period, all-or-none - areas of the brain, what they control, and what damage to that area might cause
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Unformatted text preview: -main neurotransmitters, functions and disorders associated with-sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system Chapter 8 – Franzoi (Memory) - Types of memory (Short term, long term, Implicit, Explicit, Episodic, Semantic, Sensory)- Where in the brain is memory- Encoding – what are the best memory strategies? (rehearsal, mnemonics, chunking, hierarchies, acronyms)- Serial position effect- Storage (LTP)- Retrieval (priming, context, mood)- Forgetting (retroactive and proactive interference, misinformation) Hock Studies- “Are You a Natural”, “More Experience = Bigger Brain”, “One Brain or Two?”, “Thanks for the Memories” – for each know the purpose, general methods, general results, and conclusions/significance of results...
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