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Aggression - Aggression Aggression Definition Definition 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Aggression Aggression Definition Definition 1. 2. Any physical or verbal behavior intended to Any hurt or destroy. hurt Hostile – aggression driven by anger and Hostile performed as an end in itself performed Instrumental – aggression that is a means to Instrumental some other end some Aggression According to Social Psychology Psychology I. II. III. Inborn aggressive drive Natural response to frustration Aggressive behavior is learned I. Inborn Aggressive Drive I. Philosophical Tenets Philosophical Freud – “death instinct” Lorenz – aggression helps survival Weakness: among humans there are differences Weakness: in aggression between individuals and cultures cultures Biological Influences Biological Neural – head trauma, limbic system B. Genetic – pit bulls, identical twins C. Biochemical – hormones, alcohol, drugs - Violent criminals tend to be: muscular young Violent males, low IQ, low levels of serotonin, and higher than average testosterone levels higher A. Biological cont. Biological - - High testosterone levels correlate with High irritability, low tolerance for frustration, and impulsiveness impulsiveness High testosterone levels correlate with High delinquency, hard drug use, and aggressivedelinquency, bullying responses to frustration II. Aggression as a response to frustration frustration - - Frustration-aggression principle – Frustration Frustration-aggression (the blocking of an attempt to achieve some goal) creates anger which CAN generate aggression aggression Aggression is more likely to be triggered if Aggression aggressive cues are present aggressive Examples: ??? III. Aggression can be learned III. 1. 2. 3. Observational learning – Bandura and Bobo Cultural differences - Quakers vs ScotchIrish Lack of parental care by father Influences on Aggression Influences 1. 2. 3. 4. Pain – Azrin animal shocking expts. Heat – Violent crimes increase with Heat temperature temperature Attacks Crowding – Dense urban areas have higher Crowding crime rates crime Influences on Aggression cont. Influences 1. 2. Arousal The media a. TV and violence - correlation bet homicide rates and correlation introduction of TV introduction - “Power Rangers” expt. Influence on Aggression cont. Influence b. Pornography and sexual violence b. Repeatedly watching x-rated films: 1. makes one’s partner seem less attractive 2. makes a woman’s friendliness seem more 2. sexual sexual 3. makes sexual aggression seem less serious Aggression and Personality Aggression Aggression related to low agreeableness and low conscientiousness on Five Factor Model low Low Agreeableness Low Conscientiousness Low Antagonistic Disregard for societies Antagonistic Disregard Untrusting rules and conventions Untrusting Low in warmth Low in empathy Low in cooperativeness Conflict Conflict Social Trap – a situation in which conflicting Social parties, by each rationally pursuing their selfparties, interest, become caught in mutually interest, destructive behavior destructive - Cold War nuclear arms race ...
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