The Limits of Policy

The facts the

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Unformatted text preview: Bryan County case did not result from a directive communicated to officers to take immediate action which resulted in a constitutional injury. Instead, the act of the policymaker was one which was alleged to have resulted in the foreseeable likelihood that a deputy would “ultimately” inflict constitutional injury in the future. The Facts The Jill Brown and her husband were driving from Grayson County, Texas, to their home in Bryan County, Oklahoma. After crossing into Oklahoma, they approached a police checkpoint. Mr. Brown, who was driving, decided to avoid the checkpoint and return to Texas. After seeing the Browns' truck turn away from the checkpoint, Bryan County Deputy Sheriff Robert Morrison and Reserve Deputy Stacy Burns pursued the vehicle. The chase ended four miles south of the police checkpoint and after the deputies managed to stop the Brown’s vehicle, Deputy Burns, ordered Jill Brown from the vehicle. When Ms. Brown did not exit, Burns used an “arm bar” technique, grabbing her arm at the wrist and elbow, pulling her from the ve...
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