2011- Spring- Police Liability- Welcome Back

2011- Spring- Police Liability- Welcome Back - Welcome Back...

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Unformatted text preview: Welcome Back Welcome Course Overview: Police Liability Police CRJU E491P CRJU Currell College, Room Currell 107 107 Spring 2011 Course Syllabus Course • Posted on Posted Blackboard under the “Course Information” tab. tab. • Contains Contains information about tentative reading assignments, class participation assignments, “no class” days, exam dates, course academic integrity policies and contact Required Textbook Required • Required Required textbook: textbook: There is no required textbook for the course. All course reading assignments will be posted in Adobe portable document format (.pdf). on E-Mail Protocol E-Mail • All communication to the All class will be via e-mail to the Blackboard user group. the • By no later than the third class By make sure your correct e-mail address is listed on Blackboard. address • I will not send messages to will multiple e-mail addresses. multiple • When sending an e-mail to When me: me: • Identify the course in which Identify you are enrolled as I teach four different classes this semester. semester. • If your e-mail address does If not include your last name, • Make sure that you do Make not unintentionally, or intentionally, “block” me from your e-mail account. from • Important notices regarding Important class cancellations and assignments are sent periodically. periodically. • My e-mail address is My smithwil@mailbox.sc.edu. If you send your message to any other address I will not receive it and I will not answer. • Since you will be sending all Since class participation assignments via e-mail, be certain that you use my correct address. Otherwise you receive no Housekeeping Rules Housekeeping • Class starts promptly. • If arriving late, enter quietly If and take a seat. and • Set all cell phones and Set similar devices to “silent” mode or “off” while in class. while • Texting, tweeting, cell phone Texting, conversations or similar activities are not allowed in class. class. • Headphones, ear buds and Headphones, Bluetooth devices must be removed while in class. removed More Housekeeping Rules More • Class attendance is Class mandatory. mandatory. • From time to time, as I see the From need, I will take roll. I will enforce the university “five absence” rule. the • You are required to be You prepared for class and to participate meaningfully. participate • When I am asked to provide a letter When of recommendation for law school or graduate school, I will do so only if the requesting student has participated meaningfully in class. • You may not record class You sessions without prior And One Final Rule … And • This course invites differences This of opinion. of • Express your sincere opinions and Express respect the opinions of others. respect • If you disagree with an opinion or If statement, voice and support your reasons for the disagreement. • Honest differences of opinion Honest are expected and encouraged. Ad hominem attacks will not Ad be tolerated. be • An ad hominem attack is one which An ad attacks the characteristics or beliefs of another person rather than addressing the substance of the other person’s Acceptable Acceptable • Justice Scalia’s opinion in Justice Scott v. Harris Scott completely ignored the existence of several other videotapes which were available in addition to the single videotape relied upon by the court as the basis for its decision. Such an approach to judicial decision-making ignores the long-honored legal principle that appellate courts must accept the Not Acceptable Not • Justice Scalia’s opinion in Justice Castle Rock v. Gonzales Castle was to be expected from a jurist who has taken every opportunity to advance a neoadvance conservative judicial conservative agenda which ignores the rights of the less fortunate and vulnerable. All of Justice Scalia’s rulings are fundamentally guided by his Georgetownhis educated, pro-Catholic, educated, pedigree which views with disdain, and completely disregards, the rights of those Exams Exams • Exams are open note, to Exams include PowerPoint slides posted on Blackboard, but not open book or other reading materials. reading • Exams are Multiple Choice Exams and True-False format, no essays. essays. • Midterm Exam: 35% of course 35% grade. grade. • Final Exam: 40% of course 40% grade. Final exam is not cumulative; covering only materials after the midterm exam. exam. Class Participation Class • Class participation Class grade is 25% of course grade and based on completion of four Class Participation Assignments (CPAs) Assignments • CPA 1: 10% • CPAs 2-4: 5% each • CPAs are posted on CPAs Blackboard throughout the semester. semester. • Each CPA comes with Each specific instructions that must be followed in order to receive credit to CPAs TFAQs* CPAs • CPAs are not graded CPAs and returned. and • On-time submission in the On-time format required by the instructions results in a score of “100” for the CPA. score • Late submissions Late receive reduced credit. credit. • Example: If CPA #1 is Example: turned in after the due date, 2% of the 10% full value is deducted. If any of the remaining CPAs are turned in late, 1% of the 5% full value is deducted for each late assignment. • The absolute deadline for The all late CPA submissions is * Too Frequently Answered Questions Too Frequently Academic Integrity Academic • This course operates within This the guidelines set out in Carolina Community and you are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity. • Any deviation will result in Any academic penalties, to include, where deemed appropriate, referral to the USC Office of Academic Integrity. Academic • I use a plagiarism checker on use all submitted written work, to include CPAs. • Your submission of work Your constitutes your affirmation that the submission is your work alone and that any use of the material of What happens if … What • I don’t do real well on the don’t midterm? midterm? • Contact me immediately. Contact Depending on the circumstances, an extra credit project may be possible. project • I’m not understanding class I’m topics? topics? • It’s safe to say that there is It’s never just one person who doesn’t understand. You may contact me, either by e-mail or in person, and I will take whatever time is necessary to help you understand. If I believe that other class members may be having the same problem, I will send out an e-mail to help • I have a personal or family have problem that is affecting my class performance? my • Contact me before the Contact problem causes major difficulties and I will work with you to help address class related issues. class • I am uncomfortable am speaking in class? speaking • I encourage and expect class encourage participation but will not “badger” you if I sense you don’t feel comfortable speaking before your classmates. And finally … And • What I expect of you: • Come to class, prepared to participate; • Provide your opinions and respect those of others; • Exercise empathy and try to see issues from other Exercise perspectives; perspectives; • Treat others as you would like to be treated; • Bring to class a sense of humor and be prepared to use it; and • Ask questions and be enthusiastic about learning. • What you should expect of me: • • • Treat you as adults and with respect; Fairly and fully address your questions; Follow up on items that can not be addressed during class Follow time; time; • Be available to help you understand course content; • Inject some humor in the process of learning; and • Be a willing listener, and a target, for ”good” lawyer jokes. How to reach me … How • The best method to reach me is by e-mail. • I can be reached by phone and fax as follows: • • • • • 803-898-9326 (Office- Direct) 803-898-9114 (Office Fax- Direct) 803-783-9729 (Home) 803-776-7168 (Home Fax) 803-445-4563 (Cell) 803-445-4563 • If you need to reach me by telephone, call my If office number. If I’m not in, leave a voicemail message, including your name, which course you are in and your call-back number with area code. code. • I turn my cell phone off, on non-class days, after turn 6:00 p.m. If you need to reach me by phone after 6:00 p.m. on a non-class day, call my home telephone number. home ...
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