danger of a single story response

danger of a single story response - misguided perception...

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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Keith English 1102-40 19 January 2011 “The Danger of Single Story” Response In the video “The Danger of a Single Story” Chimamanda Adichie addresses the misguided perception in which smaller nations are often viewed. Adichie, a Nigerian woman, manages to educate the audience of such bias by specifically naming examples within her own life and what she has learned in her transition to America. Experience with her American roommate is one of the first examples Adichie provides. She realized how uneducated her roommate was concerning Africa and was only informed as Adichie would say of a “single story.” Her roommate expected Adichie to be unfamiliar with common American pleasures such as listening to Mariah Carey rather than tribal music. As well as how well Adichie spoke English, and her ability to cook. The “single story” in which Adichie’s roommate viewed Africa was it being a poverty stricken country with little to offer to natives. This is not true, it’s only a
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Unformatted text preview: misguided perception otherwise known as a single story. Adichie is able to continue her presentation with more personal examples of different experiences or people she has come across. For example, the young man who accepted a misguided view of Africa from a book he had read. However Adichies ability to use personal experience establishes ethos for her within her audience. The ability to obtain ethos, the building of credibility, created a more sound presentation which ultimately led to her conclusion in which she states When we reject the single story, and realize that there is not a single story for any place-we regain a kind of paradise. In other words Adichie is expressing the amount to learn LaMontagne 2 among any culture is far too great for one to narrow down. Once we are able to obtain all we can from individuals globally that is when true knowledge can be obtained....
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danger of a single story response - misguided perception...

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