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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Dr. Piper Huguley-Riggens English 1101-78 22 August 2010 My name is Whitley LaMontagne, I’m usually referred to as “Whitley” or “Whit” but I do not have a preference. I originally applied to three schools: Georgia Southern, University of Georgia, and Kennesaw State. In my eyes I viewed Georgia Southern as an easy acceptance letter, which is why I applied there first. Next was UGA, the school I was yearning for an acceptance letter. However I did have a backup in case I did get rejected from UGA, which was Kennesaw, referred to me through my high school guidance counselor. After receiving the rejection letter from UGA, I decided to attend Kennesaw and major in Business Management for the next two years, and then transfer to UGA. Over the
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Unformatted text preview: years writing has always been a seasonal experience for me. Some seasons I can write freely and impress my instructors and peers, while others I leave people clueless as to what I’m trying express when I write. The only writing experience I can recall is my last week of senior year, in which we had to write graduation speeches. I wrote my speech an hour before class, with so many abbreviations, one would think it was a text message, because it was not being collected just presented. After presenting my teacher liked it so much she wanted a copy, so I had to go back and retype the speech so she would be able to read it....
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