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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Keith English 1102-40 12 January 2011 “Our Greatest Injustice” Summary Sheryl WuDunn educates her audience of the oppression that women face around the world, and illustrates a cause in need of a movement. WuDunn delivers her information by outlining the challenges for such oppression as well as solutions. One of the first challenges discussed is sex trafficking which WuDunn compares to slavery. WuDunn cites State Department rough statistics when she claims the cost of a slave from the 1780s is approximately $40,000 in modern day compared to a few hundred dollars for a trafficked girl. Also highlighting the maternal mortality of child birth when every one and a half minutes a women dies from child birth. She also claims that for every woman that dies, there are still twenty that survive but have
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Unformatted text preview: injury with fistula being the most common. In one of her examples she expresses the danger of such injury as other societies look down upon women with this circumstance. However WuDunn does discuss the solution to all of this oppression is through education and economic opportunity. By using countries, which men and women are viewed equally, to reach out to countries where women are not seen as equals can help provide a way for more education. This education, as in WuDunn’s example with Beatrice, will allow women to give back. Educated women are more likely to get married and have kids which will be educated in a more enlightened fashion. Overall WuDunn is educating the audience so they may contribute to a cause larger than their self....
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