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Research Paper 1 - soldiers it is clear that they are...

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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Melissa Keith English 1102-40 W 1 February 2011 The Danger of a Child What images does the term “child” create when spoken? A child is defined as any person under the age of 18. Typically in the earlier years of childhood, children are still learning social norms for their various cultures. It is this vulnerability, which allows for the development of child soldiers, a child being associated with any type of armed group. Although child soldiers are typically between the ages of 13 and 18 there are recorded cases of child soldiers being as young as 7 years old. The creation of innocent children into killers is most effective by illustrating to them that what would normally be seen as deviant is in fact acceptable-the art of killing. Such quandary highlights the danger of these children because as their own lives may be in danger, they put others in harm’s way as well. Although it is impossible to accurately calculate the number of children who are child
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Unformatted text preview: soldiers, it is clear that they are located all over the world where ever there is armed conflict. Most child soldiers join voluntarily such as in extreme social and economic pressure joining a military group may be the only way to ensure food and security. Also joining may be the only means of survival when family structures are ravaged by armed conflict. In other cases child soldiers may even join lost loved ones, or for social recognition. However a child soldier can refer to a boy of girl, as girl soldiers often join to escape forced marriages, or simply to get away from abuse. The only problem with a girl solider is that they will often join to run away from abuse only to abused even more when in the armed forces. Girls often face sexual or physical LaMontagne 2 abuse and forced labor, as girl soldiers they are often forced into later marriages for the boys in their later years of childhood....
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Research Paper 1 - soldiers it is clear that they are...

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