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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Keith English 1102-40 W 27 April 2011 Enough Is Enough: The Alarming Number of Active Child Soldiers Statistics fuels the thinking of most educated individuals presently. These stats fuel the reasoning behind government policies, investments, and foreshadowing towards an individual or groups outcome. However, one cannot know all the stats for each individual topic. Why? There is simply too much within the world to be educated on everything. This is when topics become categorized into priority, usually base on numbers or serious harm to the individual(s) keeping track. What about the topics that are not a priority or the numbers are not as large when compared to the other topics? The numbers within these lesser topics will continue to grow, as in the case of child soldiers. A topic such as child soldiers meant nothing to anyone at first, because it was seen as a minor issue. Although, this may have been true decades ago, the use or child soldiers has grown dramatically with records indicating an approximate 300,000 active child soldiers within the globe today. The solution to this problem, is to first identify how this trend was established, which is through familiarizing oneself with the history, the ability to manipulate, uses of these children, and the brutal force used by adults. The use of children within the armed forces can be recorded, as early as 1861 dating back to the United States’ Civil War. The Civil War was so destructive that, the United States, had more causalities within the Civil War than in the War for Independence with England and World War I combined. In the beginning of the war the causality total grew to alarming numbers so quickly, which is why, United States President, Abraham Lincoln “announced that boys under 18
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LaMontagne 2 can enlist but only with their parents consent” ( Digital History ). Although Lincoln did repeal that after a year, stating one must be 18 in order to enlist, the number of casualties grew so high that many officers overlooked what Lincoln said and continued to use child soldiers. The problem presented here lies within the reputation of the United States being a dominant country. Regardless, of the country’s own personal struggles to gain control within its own borders, other
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essay 4 - LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Keith...

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