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notes - their liver their heart which they took out an...

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Notes The need to kill Human blood was the first thing I would have every morning. It was my coffee in the morning… every morning.” -Ibrahim, 16 Youth Ambassadors for Peace, Voices and Stories, Free the Children, 2001, http://www.freethechildren.org/peace/voices.html I used to be assigned to plant mines in the areas the enemy passed through. They used us for reconnaissance and other things like that because if you’re a child the enemy doesn’t notice you as much; nor do the villagers.” -Former child soldier from Burma/ Myanmar Human Rights Watch, The Scars of Death: Children Abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Armies in Uganda, Human Rights Watch Report, 1997, http://www.hrw.org/campaigns/crp/voices.htm#N_4_ . they made us drink the blood of people, we took the blood from the dead into the bowl and they made us drink…then when they killed the people they made us eat
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Unformatted text preview: their liver, their heart, which they took out an sliced and fried…And they made us little ones eat.”-Peruvian woman, recruited by the Shining Path at age 11 Peruvian woman, interview by R. Brett and M. McCallin, Children the Invisible Soldiers. Stockholm: Radda Baren, 1996 'When I get older, I will organise a gang and seek my father's revenge.' Asif, 12 Afghan refugee Uses of child soldiers: (no source) Fighters, messengers, porters, spies and cooks. If female: “wives”/ sex slaves of the commander; often infected with sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS and have great possibilities of being pregnant. Iran using Child Soldiers to suppress Tehran protests (3/13/11) http://www.freedomessenger.com/iran-using-child-soldiers-to-suppress-tehran-protests/...
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