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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Mao HPS 1000 16 April 2011 5.2 Lab 1) What I have learned from completing this activity is that my diet is not satisfying. I’ve learned that I only consume a healthy amount of grain and cholesterol but in every other category I am below where I should be in consumption. 2) The improvements I need to make to my current diet would be to make it more balanced. I need to start consuming more vegetables, fruit, milk and even meat. I am simply not consuming the right food, or enough food, as all I eat are snacks.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) The activity that I plan to implement this semester is to begin running more. As of right now all I do is muscular workouts and no aerobic workouts. I plan on running more to help my body become more healthy. 4) The long term activity I’ll try to implement is running consistently for at least 30 mins, five times a week. As well as eating more fruits to complement my aerobic exercise....
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