3-3-2011 - 3-Mar-11I.Presidential Elections are...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-Mar-11I.Presidential Elections are Differenta.A process of indirectselectionb.Party Nominationi.Votersdelegates National Conventionc.General Electioni.Voters electors Electoral CollegeII. Electoral Collegea.How many voters does each state receive?i.Equal to total representation in Congressii. GA Example:1.2 US Senators + 13 US House = 15 Electorsb.Can Electors change their mind?i.YesIII. Responsible Party Modela.Each party offers a clear and coherent program (party platform)b.Voters choose between party candidatesc.Winning party seeks to govern by platformd.Next election voters can punish or reward governing partyIV.Why Just Two Parties?a.Electoral Systemsi.US uses Plurality System 1stplace finisher wins the seat (aka First Past the Post) like at a raceii. Much of the world uses Proportional System, % of the vote related to % of seats won.iii. A plurality system favors small number of partiesiv. A proportional system favors larger number of partiesV. 3rdPartiesa.Almost never win powerb.Can influence debatec.If they win, big parties steal their issuesVI.Candidate-Centered Politicsa.Candidate decides to runb.Candidate picks issuesc.Candidate raises moneyd.Candidate buy adse.Candidate hires stafff.Political parties try to help their candidates win, but dont call the shots anymore.VII.Expansion of the Right to Votea.1820s White males (end of property requirement)b.1860s Black males (15thAmendment)c.1920 Women (19thAmendment)d.1965 Southern Blacks (Voting Rights Act)...
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3-3-2011 - 3-Mar-11I.Presidential Elections are...

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