4-25-11 - A Brief Outline of U.S Foreign Policy...

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4/26/11 A Brief Outline of U.S. Foreign Policy: 1797 (Isolationism) Washington “ avoid entangling alliances ” we are too weak and we might get ourselves conquered. 1820 Monroe Doctrine —told Europe to stay out of Western Hemisphere 1830s-40s Manifest Destiny (Expansion) – idea that the United States should stretch from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. 1845 Mexican War .—(California, Utah… 1860s US Civil War (Purchased Alaska 1867 from Russians) 1898 Spanish-American War . Colonialism U.S. acquires colonies: Puerto Rico, Philippines Purchase Guam, Virgin Islands and annex Hawaii 1918 World War I U.S. is now powerful nation. Enters World War on the side of western democracies England and France. (switch from Isolationism to Internationalism) What role for the USA after WWI? Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations. US Senate defeats, USA retreats from world stage. The Treaty of Versailles sows the seeds for instability in Germany, which Hitler exploits in his rise to power. 1939-1945 World War II. What role of the USA after this conflict? USA only nation with nuclear weapons and with
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4-25-11 - A Brief Outline of U.S Foreign Policy...

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