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Federalist Assignment

Federalist Assignment - Federalist Writing Assignment Both...

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Federalist Writing Assignment Both Federalist Papers can be found on WebVista or by doing a search on google. When you quote from the Federalist papers, remember to use quotation marks, but you don’t need to use citations for this because I already know the source of the quote. Please type your responses and bring them to class on day listed on the syllabus. The language is very old fashioned so you may find it useful to consult a dictionary. You do not need to re-type the question, just number your answers. You can answer some with one sentence others might require several sentences. Summary: James Madison believes the more factions and interests the better! Federalist #10 1 Madison says that “complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and virtuous citizens”—what are these complaints that people make? Are these complaints valid in his view? 2 What is Madison’s definition of a faction?
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