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film response 2_race

film response 2_race - LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne...

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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Haley SOCI-2201 MW (8AM) Film Response #2 Race: The Power of an Illusion – Episode 3: The House We Live In 1) The best way to explain the situation to a child of the parent who was disadvantaged by the government would be by explaining the impact of race. Socially constructed categories based on certain characteristics defined race, with the white race, in this situation, reaping all the benefits. Unless you were white, it was not possible to own a home, leasing companies were more comfortable with placing other races within apartments rather than subdivisions. Owning a home makes up a large portion of a person’s net worth, yet if it was not possible to even rent a home due to your race, then this portion of wealth was not achievable. A child’s father may have worked hard in other ways for his family, such as serving in the military in order to obtain the G.I. Bill and then purchase a home, however money was not the issue, but rather race despite a hard working man or not.
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