Inquriy 3 - LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Haley...

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LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Haley SOCI-2201 16 April 2011 Inquiry Assignment 3 with Stephen Teti Stephen Teti and I chose to observe a type of social norm that is committed unintentionally among friends. Choosing to do our work in the commons, because of the surplus of people, the norm we violated involved asking a complete stranger to use an open chair. Typically, when few seats are available, a individual would walk to another table and ask to use a chair, which they would bring back to their table to make more space for friends. However, the violation occurred by not removing the chair, if it was free, but just sitting with foreign company and acting as if nothing is wrong. The idea originated from Stephen after we both concluded that the choices given on the list were not as appealing with the exception of the elevator scenario. We decided against it because after discussion realized that many college students will not care and will either have no response, to a direct stare, or simply laugh. I chose to take Stephen’s idea and see how different age groups, or social groups, such as frats, would respond, which allowed us to remain with this norm violation. From first glance, the response given was intended: discomfort. Everyone, which I sat down next to immediately presented me with a puzzled look and then soon followed with an expression or actions of discomfort. The first we chose was an elderly lady, which we both chose to sit next too, only to act as if we didn’t know each other. At first I waited a bit, to record the reaction she gave to Stephen, and it was a surprised look. However, when I approached, she chuckled and said that there are also free seats on both sides of her. I chose to ignore the
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LaMontagne 2 comment and sit down and proceed to eat, which she then looked around perplexed. Another example was a table of fraternity brother, Delta Tau Delta. There was an empty seat there so I chose to take my chances knowing I would take some type of criticism. Why? The answer to that may play into what an individual has to do to become a brother in a frat, I would figure my ignorance would only disrespect them. Surprisingly, they did tell me the chair was free, but was expecting me to remove the chair from the table. I did not, which immediately upset the frat boy sitting across from me. I acted as if I were studying so I would not have to make eye contact, yet within seconds he immediately told me I could not sit there, he just remembered they are
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Inquriy 3 - LaMontagne 1 Whitley LaMontagne Professor Haley...

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