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Social Inquiry 1 Notes

Social Inquiry 1 Notes - Notes Article Name Putting People...

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Notes: Article Name: Putting People Back to Work Date Published: Small businesses like environmental and safety solutions, which today employs 14 people, create many of the nation’s jobs. Companies with fewer than 500 employer firms, provide jobs for half of all private sector workers and created 65% of net new jobs over the past 17 years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration p54 Works Progress Administration’s success in putting Americans back to work, it calls for an investment of $150 billion to create 3 millino jobs everywhere from cities to nonprofit organizations that provide critical services to urban America. Summer Youth Jobs Program with a new investment of $5-7 billion p54 Under the proposal, manufacturers of solar panels and wind turbines that open plants in such areas would be exempt from federal taxes and pay no capital gains taxes-provided they hired at least half of their workforce locally and retained the local workers for at least three years. P55 Educating on NUL and how it’s their mission to find jobs for people.
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