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English Grammar Portfolio 2 - OPENING AND DELAYED...

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OPENING AND DELAYED ADJECTIVES 4. A) Calm , he opened his book and focused his eyes on the pages of the novel. B) Vacant of thought , John rushed to the edge of the cliff before jumping off. C) The tree grew over the home, and a burly man, cold and restless , grabbed his axe. 5. A) Brian, afraid of the thought of being alone , held the dog tight. B) The Parker-Morris Building will go over, all one hundred and ninety-one floors, fast as a boulder rolling down a mountain. C) This boy looked a couple of years younger than I was, too innocent to wield a gun, too young to go to jail. 6. A) They carried their shoes down the hall and stopped at the top landing where they could see into their father’s room, eager to see him . B) He was only aware that the right side of his face was suddenly as hot as a furnace, and that blood, crimson , hot , and thick , was pouring down the side of his neck. C ) Afraid , alone , and lost , the drowning bulldog swam a round or two before he went down. COMPOSITION Silent, separate, and pleasantly mysterious , the Mountaintop Resort is a romantic, serene, and peaceful getaway for lovers, young and old. The magnificent place offers many luxuries such as private cabins, slopes to ski and snowboard on, three different five star restaurants. The private cabins, each very lovely , come with log furniture, a queen sized bed, hardwood floors, and a beautifully decorated bathroom. One is sure to feel at home in such a comfy environment. The mountain which homes the slopes, out of sight from the rest of the resort, are a popular spot on the resort for couples to have fun while learning to ski and snowboard from highly trained professionals. Lit by the orange glow of a fire in the wintertime, each restaurant provides a first class waiting service, as well as gourmet food rated in the 90th percentile in the country. Lost for good in each other’s arms, every romantic and couple can experience the wonders of this five-star resort at a competitive price and fall in love with each other all over again due to the Mountaintop Resort’s wonderful and romantic atmosphere. PARTICIPIAL PHRASE 4. A) Sleeping , dreaming , he snored loudly and woke Suzy up. B) The ball player was disgusted, filled with anger when the last out signaled that his team had lost.
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C) Grinning at the top of the stairs outside of his bedroom was a boy, dressed like a ghost , covered with a white sheet and a mask . 5. A) That night at dinner Bobby looked across the table at his sister with new eyes, determined to make it up to her for the wrong he had done in the past. B) Screaming at the sight of the crazed killer approaching him with a gun , he had never been closer to death. C) He,
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English Grammar Portfolio 2 - OPENING AND DELAYED...

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