English Narrative Essay 1

English Narrative Essay 1 - The atmosphere was filled by...

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The atmosphere was filled by the light of a fire burning in the fire place, crackling in the living room. The smell of candles filled the place, and although the fire was ablaze, the room was still cold, which was an easy fix with a blanket. Once comfortable, I began to talk to the wonderful, Jessica Dees, my Dad’s girlfriend, about dreams and the pursuit of happiness. She had just recently moved into the house so I wanted an opportunity to get to know more about her and what better way than to talk about life? In regards to going after dreams I asked Ms. Dees if she agreed with Marshall Goldsmith when he said “Old people who did not go for their dreams always regret it. Old people that went for their dreams are always happier and fulfilled whether or not they achieved their dreams. The real key is not whether you achieve it. The real key is whether you go for it.” With a spark in her eye she answered, “You should always try to achieve your goals. You should have purpose in life, be productive, and always have a back-up plan. You don’t just have one goal. You have several: short term and long term. Short term for what you hope to achieve for today and long term for tomorrow.” As she discussed goals, with the fire beginning to pick up and spark and crackle even more, she began to speak of her future goals she has at this point in her life. “Yes, obtaining another level of success, I would like to take things to the next level.” She was hesitant as she spoke of this, but never slouching in her seat and always with her chin high. Being in her thirties and working in telecommunications, marketing, and business, she was well established in a career. Starting from the early ages of her childhood, she began to tell me how she got into the
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English Narrative Essay 1 - The atmosphere was filled by...

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