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Food paper Eng 102 - Jonathon Logan Jordan ENG 102 Dr...

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Jonathon Logan Jordan ENG 102 Dr. Christina Bucher 1/18/2011 “Family and food in the American popular imagination have now collapsed into the singular obsessive content, not of sexuality, which accommodates complex emotions and relationships, but of fornication-of getting into bed and getting it on with a series of characters, over and over again,” (300). Lim believes that Americans fall away from their families and instead replace them with friends, who believe in coming together through fornication rather than going out and indulging in food, which differs from Lim’s own Asian heritage, which places an emphasis on family and food rather than friends and fornication. Lim finds this in many American sitcoms, which do place an extreme importance on sex instead of family togetherness. The media, however, is first and foremost a business, and plays on the phrase that “sex sells” in order to make money, while in my own experiences, my family seems to come together in the same way that Lim’s family does through food and fellowship. These occasions usually happen after long absences, similar to Lim’s returning to home, and constitute going out to eat, not unlike the Malaysian hawker stalls, or on a Holliday, when my family prepares a feast. Although Lim makes a few correct points about what she considers mainstream America, the media, she
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Food paper Eng 102 - Jonathon Logan Jordan ENG 102 Dr...

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