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Jonathon Logan Jordan English 1101 Straw Man Essay 12-06-1010 “The concern raised by opponents is that high stakes testing causes schools to teach skills or adopt policies that are only useful for passing the high stakes tests and are not more generally useful in helping prepare students for later life,” says Jay P. Green, Ph. D. about how many people opposed to high stakes testing feel about standardized tests. He addresses both sides of the issue of high stakes testing in his statement: those who are for standardized tests and those who oppose them. Having taken these tests before, I have found that the problem with standardized tests is the fact that teachers only teach to the test so that their students may pass. Teachers are forced to teach only the test and are not allowed to teach other matters of the subject for a more rounded learning experience. Due to the incredible impact these test results have on the teachers, many feel pressured to teach only what is on the test, to teach how to take a test and to pass it, and to ignore any inclination to try to broaden their students’ understanding of the subject as it may have a negative impact on test scores. Michael Geisen, who received the 2008 teacher of the year award by President George W. Bush, said, “No Child Left Behind with its high stakes testing is a wrong turn for education. The focus of the classroom should be on building creativity, not stifling it with test-dominated instruction.” According to Robert J. Sternberg, a high figure in the study of intelligence, there are three types of intelligence: analytical, contextual, and creative intelligence. Teachers are not allowed to be creative in the classroom due to the consequences of low test scores on the high stakes test. Teachers may lose
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Staw Man Essay - Jonathon Logan Jordan Straw Man Essay...

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