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Logan Jordan Dr. Christina Bucher English 102 3-30-2011 What I came to find while working on my research, was the abundance of material that was available for me to use to find out more about steroids and athletes’ diets to help answer my question, “Should anabolic steroids be legal?” Although my sources did not directly answer that question by themselves, most were able to give me a wide variety of information about steroids so I could make my own decision as to whether or not steroids should be legal or illegal. The only problem with this information was that most of my sources were telling me a lot of the same things. Although the information was plentiful, the sources were telling me a lot of the same things. Even though this was somewhat frustrating; not being able to find new information, I feel that the multitude of sources giving a lot of the same information adds to the strength of my argument and gives me more support. My sources were also fairly easy to find, and by the end of my research I was able to make my decision on anabolic steroids. The first source I came upon was a book titled “Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete” by William Taylor. This source was where I found most of my information concerning steroids, how they work, what they are, and what happens to those who abuse them. The book did not flat out say what I should thin or believe as far as steroids go in a legal standpoint, but did provide me with every amount of information I could possibly use to determine if they were right or wrong. The author described what an anabolic steroid is, which is a synthetic derivative of testosterone consisting of four part molecules. I also learned that steroids weren’t used by athletes until the 1950s. The author also cleared some thoughts or myths I previously had about
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2 steroids. Steroids do not automatically make the person who takes them bigger, which is a common misconception by many, as well as myself. Instead, an adequate diet of protein, meats, peanuts, and eggs among others, is necessary for muscle growth whether the athlete is on anabolic steroids or not. I learned that this protein works on a cellular level, allowing for muscle tissue that is torn by working out, to repair itself and grow. The role that steroids have in this process is the recovery stage of the muscle. Steroids speed up the process of recovery, but at the same time prolongs the process. Muscles are recovering faster and are also recovering for a longer period of time, making them grow far more than what a workout with a healthy intake of protein would do. To understand this process easier, I think of a construction site building a mall. If workers are building the mall faster and are also building it for a longer period of time, the mall will be bigger. After using this source, I was left confused as to whether or not steroids were really so bad. Athletes are always taking vitamin supplements which are deemed legal, healthy, and productive, and it seemed that these steroids, which are labeled so evil, were only doing the
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WP6 - Logan Jordan Dr Christina Bucher English 102 What I...

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