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history notes - 814-987: Dissolution of the Carolingian...

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Unformatted text preview: 814-987: Dissolution of the Carolingian world.A) Weaknesses of the Empire:-was no central seat or central government.-no universal law code, just custom.-too vague of a title.-haphazard laws-money came from war plunder.-no direct taxation.Small revenue stream.-Frankia loved to fight so no external enemy = inside fighting.B) Hammer to the childLouis the Pious (814-840)Very religiousRealized problems in divisionTried to leave inheritance to 1 son but caused conflict and fighting…eventually took it back.Charles the bald/Charles the fight…strong rulers transitioned to weak rulers…and with a weak central government…proved to be harmful.No one was interested in a universal empire…just as in the past and future matters were settled privately.Customs ruled over rules.External aggravations: The Vikings 800-950Dangerous because they were the first raiders to come by sea and struck without warningVikings seem horrible because they attacked monasteries…and in that age monks were primarily writers…they were angered at Vikings and wrote about them as monsters.Eventually married locals and settled down…not much of a lasting threat…were primarily thiefs.Manorialism: 500-1100+Nonpolitical…more economic. Had nothing to do with feudalism…don’t get that mixed up.Scarce labor in the west due to less people.Labor service very important…owners would employ tenants to do work (think berry college employing you) …in return…serfs gained land to live on.Could still rebel against landlord if he was unjust and bad.Feudalism: 850-1100Political and military…not economic. Occurred only in northern FrankiaPublic power in private handsLand was exchanged for military service WHEN CALLED UPONIf not enough money for an army…would exchange land for army....
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history notes - 814-987: Dissolution of the Carolingian...

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