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Logan Jordan Philosophy 152 Dr. Michael Papazian 4-20-2011 I do believe that there is a problem with this kind of argument. Just as Hume said, if A supports B and B supports A, it is a certain type of begging the question because the argument goes in a circle. Even more of a problem, however, because the argument is based off of inductive reasoning, it is impossible to completely prove that it is correct. One can add an ample amount of support so that it is likely that every dove has white feathers and objects without white feathers are not doves, but it is an argument that is impossible to prove. There could be a black
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Unformatted text preview: dove somewhere in the heart of Africa that no one has seen before making the argument invalid. Another problem with the argument is that doves are not the only bird with white feathers. Are swans doves? Certainly not, but based on the argument, if something is a dove then it has white feathers, it is hard to determine what other white feathered fowl should be classified as. Although the argument will have an ample amount of evidence to support it, it is still impossible to prove that all doves have white feathers and anything that does not have white feathers is not a dove, thus creating a problem in the argument....
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