weight training self assesment

weight training self assesment - Logan Jordan Intro to...

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Logan Jordan Intro to Weight Training 2-18-2011 Weight Training: A Self Reflection Coming into the class, I felt I had a fair handle on weight training. I am an athlete, playing basketball competitively for the last ten years, so weight lifting has always been necessary in order to get stronger for basketball. I started working out with my dad, as he had been lifting for a long time and knew a lot about it, and he showed me the ropes and taught me proper technique. In order to maximize my workouts, he also taught me the different exercises and how to use the machines, which machines worked which muscles, how many repetitions to do, and how to maximize range of motion. Before this class, I had been working out with Dad for nearly a year and a half, usually five times per week working a different muscle or group of muscles each day, so I felt that I knew a substantial amount about weight lifting. All of this held true until I broke my wrist, when I learned so many more ways to workout, especially my legs and my core. I was introduced to the Swiss Ball along with many different core exercises I could do. It was extremely challenging at first and my body was extremely sore, but I hadn’t even
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weight training self assesment - Logan Jordan Intro to...

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