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1_3 - -2.5-1.5,2-3.5-2.5,2-4.5-2.5,1-3.5-2.5,0-2.5-2-2...

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Solutions 1.3-Page 25 Problem 4 The direction field of the indicated differential equation and a solution curve are provided. Sketch likely solution curves through the additional points marked in each direction field. y x dx dy = A graphical solution can be found in the back of the book. The slope at each point is found by substituting the x and y values into the differential equation. Slopes for selected points are provided. Point Slope (1.5,2) -0.5 (.5,2) -1.5
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Unformatted text preview: -2.5 (-1.5,2) -3.5 (-2.5,2) -4.5 (-2.5,1) -3.5 (-2.5,0) -2.5 (-2,-2) 0 (-1,-2) 1 (0,-2) 2 (1,-2) 3 (2,-2) 4 Problem 16 Identify the isoclines of the given differential equation. Draw a sketch showing several of the isoclines, each marked with short lines segments having the appropriate slope. 2 2 y x dx dy = Each isocline C y x = 2 2 is a hyperbola that opens along the x-axis if C>0, along the y-axis if C<0. Below are some isoclines....
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