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1. State the Saint-Venant principle and give an example of its application, showing a diagram of two statically equivalent systems. Solution: See pages 63, 64 of textbook. 2. Consider a rectangular hollow cross-section with constant thickness t b a with given cross sectional area A=2(a+b)t given as 10 cm 2 . a. Given t=0.1cm. Show that to obtain the minimum twist angle ( min( θ ) ) and minimum max shear stress ( min( τ max ) ), then a=b . b. Let the depth ratio be
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Unformatted text preview: r=b/a . Show that to obtain minimum twist angle ( min( ) ) and minimum max stress ( min( max ) ), t should be as small as possible. Remember that the cross-sectional area (hence weight) is to remain constant! 3. Repeat Problem 2 for when the cross-section is slit open at one of the corners. However, for part a, show that the aspect ratio does not matter, and for part b show that the thickness should be as large as possible....
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