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Assignment8-2010 - 0 Finally Example 6.2 assumes that there...

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1. Redo Example 6.1 for a maximum tensile stress of 500MPa and maximum compressive stress of 200 Mpa. 2. Problem 6.2. Both criteria should give maximum pressure of 2.5MPa. Note that the hoop stress for a sphere is not the same as for a cylinder! 3. Problem 6. 3: The answer is 8.2MPa. Note that this example refers to Example 6.2 rather than Problem 6.2 and change the thickness to 50mm . Otherwise the cylinder yields without any pressure ( this is with N=-50 MN, in some textbooks N=-5MN, so please use -50). Additionally, the torque is zero for this problem, T =
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Unformatted text preview: 0. Finally, Example 6.2 assumes that there is no axial stress due to the pressure. This is unusual, but it is physically possible, for example if the pressure vessel is a torus. 4. The three principal stresses are (-30, -40, -50) Mpa, and the yield stress for a ductile material is 100Mpa. Derive or find (another textbook, internet) the equation for the 3D Von-Mises criterion and use it to calculate the safety factor. Compare to the safety factor you get from the Tresca criterion....
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