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Assignment11 - 1 Problem 7.4 2 A pinned pinned beam with a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Problem 7.4 2. A pinned pinned beam with a slight initial curvature is loaded to a load equal to 2EI/L2. At that load the beam has a bulge in the middle approximately equal to 1% of its span. If the load is removed, what will be the magnitude of the remaining bulge. 3. A straight pinned‐pinned beam is loaded to buckling, and then the load is increased by an additional one percent. Use Table 7.1 and Eq. 7.83 to estimate the maximum normal displacement of the beam. 4. A simply supported thin aluminum plate 10cm by 35 cm is loaded in compression on the narrow side (as in Figure 7.20). Give the equation of the buckling mode of the plate. ...
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