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HW4 - EAS4200C Aerospace Structures Homework#4(Due Oct 2nd...

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EAS4200C Aerospace Structures Homework #4 (Due: Oct. 2nd) 1. Show that there is no warping in the bar of circular cross-section Hint: First, calculate the constant C in 2 2 2 2 ( , ) 1 x y x y C a a φ = + from the compatibility equation. Second, calculate shear strains γ xz and γ yz from shear stresses τ xz and τ yz . Third, integrate w ( x , y ) from the definition of shear strains: , xz yz w u w v x z y z γ γ = + = + . 2. Consider a straight bar of a uniform elliptical cross-section. The semimajor and semiminor axes are a and b , respectively. (a) Show that the stress function of the following form:
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