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EAS4200C Aerospace Structures Project #1 (Due: Nov. 11th) Project must be performed individually and submitted online in MS/Word or PDF format. The file name should be Project1_sortingnumber.doc (or pdf). For example, if your sorting number is 9, the file name should be Project1_09.doc or Project1_09.pdf. Your report must explain step-by- step procedure in detail. Use equations, figures, and tables as necessary. The objective of this project is to estimate stresses at the root of a wing and determine the safety of the wing using failure criteria. The cross section of the wing is assumed to be made of thin hollow rectangular box section and the platform is trapezoidal. The wing is modeled as a cantilever beam clamped at its middle section and free at its ends. The lift, w , over the surface of the entire wing is replaced by a line load (lift per unit length) elliptically distributed along a sweep of a line whose locus of pointes are one-
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Unformatted text preview: quarter of the chord from leading edge (c/4 line) at angle of 30 degree. 1. Formulate an expression for lift w as a function of the span location x . The total lift is the weight of the plane times the load factor 2.5. Plot the lift w over the half-span of the wing: x = [0, L /2]. Explain your formulation. 2. Derive the relationship for the transverse shear force V , bending moment M as a function of span location x . Calculate the transverse shear force V , bending moment M and torque T at the wing root section. Calculate the maximum von Mises stress at the root and compare it with yield strength of the material. Assume the wing is made of Aluminum 7075-T6. Weight of the plane 350,000lb Wing span L 1,858in Root width c root 251.6in Root height h root 49in Thickness of plate t 1.0in Load factor 2.5 Sweep angle c/4 chord line x y L /2 b c tip c root h root...
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