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Project2 - EAS4200C Aerospace Structures Project#2(Due Dec...

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Unformatted text preview: EAS4200C Aerospace Structures Project #2 (Due: Dec. 14th) Project must be performed individually and submitted online in MS/Word or PDF format. The file name should be Project2_##.doc (or pdf) where ## is your sorting number. Your report must explain step-by- step procedure in detail. Use equations, figures, and tables as necessary. The objective of this project is to estimate the safety of a fuselage under repeated pressurizations. Part 1: At every flight, a fuselage is pressurized in order to compensate for pressure drop at high altitude, which can cause crack growth in the panel and eventually facture. One fatigue cycle is composed of increasing pressure from zero to p and decreasing it to zero, which represents one flight. The crack growth in the panel is fundamentally Mode I and the rate is governed by the following Paris model: d ( ) d m a C K N where a is the half crack size (m), N is the number of flights, C and m are crack growth parameters, and K is the stress intensity factor (MPa√m). In the above equation, the geometric correction factor is not is the stress intensity factor (MPa√m)....
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