Chapter8-Genesis-example - Application Example Thermal...

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1 Application Example: Thermal Analysis of a Three-Bar Truss ± A 1 =A 3 =1.0 in 2 , A 2 =2.0 in 2 . ± E=1.E+7 psi, k=70 lb/s/ ° F ± Heat flux of Q=100.0 lb/s/in. applied to node 4 through an area of 1.0 in 2 . ± Temperature of the upper three nodes kept at 25 ° F. ± Reference temperature=20 ° F. (The structure was mounted at this temperature, then loaded thermally.) Q 3 2 1 10 in. 10 in. 10 in. ± Thermal analysis : Compute the temperature of the lower node. ± Static analysis : Compute the displacement of the lower node and the bar stresses under the thermal loading and an additional force of 20,000 lb applied to the lower node.
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2 Solution Control Lines LOADCASE 1 LABEL = HEAT TRANSFER LOADCASE SPC=50 $ To impose temperatures on upper three nodes HEAT=50 $ To apply a heat flux to the lower node THERMAL=ALL LOADCASE 2 LABEL = STATIC LOADCASE SPC=100 $ To impose displacement boundary conditions TEMP=1 $ To use the temperatures from LC 1 as loads LOAD=100 $ To impose a force on the lower node DISP = ALL STRESS = ALL
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Chapter8-Genesis-example - Application Example Thermal...

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