Kriging - Expensive Expensivesurrogates

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xpensive surrogates Expensive surrogates In linear regression, the process of fitting involves solving a set of linear equations. This is because the optimization problems of minimizing rms is solved by this system. With other loss functions or other surrogates we often ave to solve an expensive optimization problem. have to solve an expensive optimization problem. This is why polynomial response surfaces were almost exclusively used until the last 20 years. For radial basis neural networks we may undertake to find the best spread by minimizing cross correlation RESS) error (PRESS) error.
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Universal Kriging ˆ () xx x v N i y Z   Linear trend model 2 p ) () ) s v N Z s 1 ii i Systematic departure Named after a South African y Sampling data points Linear Trend     1 exp , , xs θ i i C ZZ  mining engineer D. G. Krige Assumption: Systematic Model departures Z( x ) are correlated Gaussian correlation function ( most popular
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Kriging - Expensive Expensivesurrogates

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