optim-intro - Engineering Optimization How to use...

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1 Engineering Optimization ± How to use mathematics to find optimum Designs ² Finding minima or maxima of continuously differentiable functions. First derivatives are zero, but how do we distinguish between minima and maxima? ² Adding constraints and multiple objectives ² Dealing with discrete variables and discontinuous functions ² Finding global rather than local optima ± Numerical algorithms that search for optimum in design space ² Search algorithms for local optima of continuously differentiable functions. ² Algorithms for discrete and global optimization ± Algorithms that imitate nature ² Simulated Annealing ² Genetic algorithms ² Particle swarm algorithms
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2 Structural Optimization ± Using optimization to find optimum structural designs ² Topology optimization concerned with how structures are connected ² Shape optimization ² Sizing optimization defines thicknesses of plates, cross- sectional areas of rods, moments of inertia of beams ± For gradient based optimization, calculation of derivatives of structural response with respect to design variables is the major
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optim-intro - Engineering Optimization How to use...

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