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EAS4240/6939 Project – Phase I A cylindrical pressure vessel of radius 2m is to be designed for pressure of 1 MPa (about ten atmospheres). If the pressure vessel were to be designed from aluminum with a yield stress of 500 MPa, then it would be designed by the hoop stress 6 / 2 10 / hoop pr t t , so that the required thickness would be 4 mm. You are to design the skin from graphite epoxy with the following properties (as given in Example 6.3.2): X t =X c =1500 MPa, Y t =40 MPa, Y c =246 MPa, S=68 MPa, E 1 =181 GPa, E 2 =10.3 GPa, G 12 =7.17 GPa, 6 6 12 1 2 0.28, 0.02 10 / , 22.5 10 / o o C C , t ply =0.125 mm. To calculate the thermal stresses, use the cure temperature as 170 o C and operating temperature of 20 o C. 1. Use the maximum strain criterion to design the lightest balanced and symmetric laminate that can carry safely the loads. Define the axial direction as the x direction, and then you expect a laminate that will have average ply orientation larger than 45 o , because the average axial stress is half of the average hoop stress. For this part, allow the number of plies to be a continuous
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