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EAS4240/6939 Project – Phase II The cylindrical pressure vessel of the first phase is now to be designed for maximal vibration frequency. Individual panels on the vessel are 30 cm by 20 cm in size, and can be assumed to be flat and simply supported for the vibration analysis. Unlike the first phase, the pressure vessel is made of a 16 ply symmetric laminate, and our goal is to maximize the vibration frequency and the pressure it can take. 1. Find the laminate that will maximize the first natural vibration frequency of the panel (that is not including the effect of the loading), and the value of this frequency in Hertz. You need to satisfy the constraints on D 16 and D 26 (see Eq. 8.1.2 and the following paragraph). These constraints apply also to parts 2 and 3. 2. Find the laminate that will maximize the vibration frequency of the panel when ply angles are limited to 0 o ,45 o , 45 o , and 90 o . Calculate also the maximum pressure that it can carry without
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