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1. Going to a third world country and working at a short-term free clinic is a popular volunteering  opportunity for college students. How effective are these short-term trips in terms of helping out and  sustaining good health for those living in the visited countries? What are some of the limitations face by  these groups? What are some of the advantages over government-funded aids? Also, who benefits more  from this experience, the student or the inhabitant? Is it possible to do harm, even with the best of  intentions? Feel free to incorporate your personal experiences. A little help goes a long way. Going to a third world country and working at a short-term free clinic can be very effective in terms of helping out and sustaining good health for those living the visited countries. The idea of going by yourself on one of these short trips might seem ineffective because what can one person do? However, many students go on these trips every year to various countries and their aid changes the lives of the people in these countries. Working abroad can prove to be a very educational and rewarding experience. A lot of people are in need of aid, and if a person can help in any way, then he or
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week 2 -...

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