week 3 - 1.

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1.   There are many mental and psychological problems we face today, which include depression,  bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias, seasonal affective disorder, and  schizophrenia. What factors appear to contribute to mental health disorders? Which of the common  mental illnesses is likely to affect people of your age group? How might a college environment provide  a challenge to mental and psychological health? To what extent do you think mental illness is  preventable?  I think there are many contributing factors that result in mental disorders. These factors include physical, social, environmental and psychological causes for mental illness. The physical causes are those that involve the genetic makeup of a person. Mental illnesses can be passed from generation to generation which can put certain people more at risk than others. Other physical causes could be injuries. Many head injuries are the result of mental illnesses due to a loss of memory, or change in personality. I think the most significant factors are the social and environmental ones. It is our environment that makes us who
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week 3 - 1.

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