Friedel crafts ochem 3b - Nabiha Baseer Lab#2...

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Nabiha Baseer 2/16/2011 Lab #2: Friedel-Crafts Reaction Purpose: To familiarize ourselves with the Friedel-Crafts reaction through a reaction between biphenyl and t-butyl chloride and determine the type of addition (ortho,meta, or para) that will occur. The reaction is performed by generating AlCl 3 from aluminum foul and its reaction with t- butyl chloride. The final product had a 47.78% yield and a melting point of 119.8-124.2°C. The narrow melting point reading of the product suggests that the final product had very little impurities. A fairly low 47.78% yield was because of a few procedural errors. As the aqueous layer was removed after washing the solution with water, bits of the solution came out with it as well. Also, when the dichloromethane solution was transferred to a new test tube, some of it remained on the sides of the test tube, decreasing my % yield. The biggest blunder was when the solution was heated after adding the ethanol. The water was extremely hot, so right when the tube was placed in the boiling water, some of the solution boiled over into the beaker, decreasing the overall yield. Data and Observations: In this lab, I dissolved 0.167 grams of biphenyl in 0.5 mL of dichloromethane, to create a transparent, clear solution. The biphenyl looked like small white lattice crystalline structures. To generate the AlCl 3 catalyst in this reaction, the aluminum foil was scratched, causing the solution to bubble intensely and transform into a rich blood-red color. HCl gas was created causing it to smell very bad. When the reaction was completed after the
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Friedel crafts ochem 3b - Nabiha Baseer Lab#2...

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