week 4 - 1.

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1. 1. Think about your stance on abortions. Give some reasons and thoughts about why you  are of that particular opinion. Now think about the opposing view, and come up with  some arguments that they would give to counter your points. Having thought about both  viewpoints and brainstorming arguments for both sides, think of possible ways the two  parties could compromise. Of the compromise that you generate, which would be most  viable? If none, why do you think the two sides are at such odds? As we see in past  sections, a lot of what public health addresses has black and white sides, as well as a gray  zone. Is it not possible to have a gray zone for abortions? Why or why not?   To explain my view on abortions, I will begin with answering the last question of this homework assignment first. I do believe indeed that like a lot of the issues that public health addresses, abortion does have a grey zone, because I have a differing opinion on abortion that is neither black nor white. My faith tells me that abortion is wrong in most cases, because it is the
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week 4 - 1.

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