lab #1- magtrieve (1) - Annum Hassan Experiment date:...

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Annum Hassan Experiment date: 9/11/09 Due: 9/18/09 The Magtrieve Oxidation of 4-Chlorobenzyl Alcohol: A “Solvent-Free” Reaction Purpose: The purpose is to oxidize an alcohol into an aldehyde and to look at the properties of Magtrieve in contrast to other oxidizing agents. Data and observations: I used 700 mg of Magtrieve and 143 mg of 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol. The Magtrieve looked like black powder and the 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol looked like white crystals. I obtained a total of 18 mg of the 4-chlorobenzaldehyde crystals. The crystals were very white, flaky, and soft looking. The theoretical yield was 140.56 mg of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde but since I only obtained 18 mg, my percent yield was 12.8%. Theoretical yield: Percent yield: R f for starting material: .32 R f for product: .5 Through the TLC plate I made in 60:40 hexane: ethyl acetate, I found that both the starting material and product were UV active and neither formed iodine spots. I also found that my product had a melting point range of 29°C-30°C. Discussion: My product yield was a lot lower than I had expected it to be. I only got a percent yield of 12.8% and a possible reason behind this is that after my first crop of crystals were formed and I was scraping them off, I had not wiped away the condensation completely from the watch glass so some of my crystals got mixed with water. Also when my second crop of crystals was formed and I was taking the beaker off of the sandbath, some of my crystals fell into the Magtrieve mixture so I could not count all of my lost crystals into my yield. My melting point was also abnormally low at 29°C-30°C when it should have been 46°C. The reason that my
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lab #1- magtrieve (1) - Annum Hassan Experiment date:...

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