Chapter 17 supply chain

Chapter 17 supply chain - Ch.17 Sustainable Operations...

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Ch.17 Sustainable Operations Management -Changing the log of decisions made by operations managers located throughout the SC Incorporating Sustainability into Operations Objectives (Slide 3) Firms are unaware of how well or poorly they are doing in terms of sustainability Supporting cost acc/ IT sys. Do not record the relevant data, or the data are lumped from the OH BIGGEST Impact: Indirect costs (Costs of storage, sorting, recording, IT mgt, controlling, dealing with environment costs) Justification : aimed at improving sustainability involves: identifying, quantifying & reporting these hidden costs Triple Bottom Line (TBL) 3Ps: Profit, Planet and people: Assessing the full impact of activities in terms of their effect on people, planet, and profit 1. Firms be responsible to all stakeholders (anyone who is affected either directly or indirectly by the actions of the firms), rather than only to firm’s stockholders 2. Goal : Shape operational decisions = maintains a balance btw people & environment(or planet) 3. Gaining acceptance: Inc. regulatory & social pressures company to embrace the idea Under operations management, reducing pollution Sustainability: being able to meet “the needs of present without compromising the ability of
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Chapter 17 supply chain - Ch.17 Sustainable Operations...

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