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FINA3310-Final exam review 50 multiple choice, true false or problems - 1 point each Theoretical Goal of the firm, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of businesses (i.e. partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations) Financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows), ratios Tax depreciation procedures and the effect of depreciation on the firm's cash flows, the firm's statement of cash flows, operating cash flow, and free cash flow Time value in finance, basic patterns of cash flow (single cash flows, annuities -ordinary and due, perpetuities), FV, PV Relationship between risk and return, measurement of return and standard deviation for a portfolio and the concept of correlation Relationships between bond prices and interest rates, term structure of interest rates, yield curve, theories pertaining to the shape of the yield curve (expectations theory, market segmentation theory, liquidity theory)
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