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Review Sheet for FINA3310-Midterm 1-Spring 2011 20 multiple choice, true/false and problems questions. For the problems you will have to show the solution Business forms, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each form (theoretical) Role of the financial manager (theoretical) Goal of the firm, corporate governance, the role of ethics, and the agency issue (theoretical) Financial institutions and markets, and the role they play in managerial finance (theoretical) Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and their components (theoretical)
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Unformatted text preview: • Financial ratios (problem(s) and theoretical) • Taxes (taxes to be paid, average and marginal tax rates)-(problem) • MACRS depreciation (problem) • Operating cash flows, net current asset investment, net fixed asset investment, free cash flows (problem(s)) • Cash budget (theoretical questions only) There will be nothing on pro forma statements (from Chapter 3) and the questions about cash budget will be only theoretical...
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