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Rachel Riddle CTAS 124 5:00-6:15  9/24/07 Benefits of Traveling Abroad General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the enriching benefits for students of traveling abroad.   Thesis Statement: Students who travel abroad are found to be more prepared to face a changing global economy as well as everyday  situations. I) Introduction A) Imagine getting college credit for going on vacation, that’s what studying abroad is all about. B) Thesis Statement C) Studying or traveling abroad promotes diversity, encourages a global perspective and allows for true hands on learning  experiences. II)  Body A) Traveling abroad promotes diversity  1) Fact #1 (a) Subpoint of fact 2) Fact #2 Connector: Studying abroad not only promotes diversity but it allows students to develop a global perspective B) Students who develop a global perspective are more successful because
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Fact #1 (a) Subpoint of fact 2) Fact #2 Connector: Learning from a book can be boring, but experiencing what you are learning makes remembering it much easier. C) A true hands on learning experience is achieved through several programs 1) Fact#1 (a) Subpoint #1 2) Fact #2 (a) Subpoint #2 Connector: To Wrap it all up, experiences like these are life enriching and should be pursued whenever the opportunity presents itself. III) Conclusion A) Traveling abroad is truly a worthwhile opportunity that promotes diversity, encourages hands on experiences and helps students develop a global perspective. B) Next time you are offered the chance of a lifetime to study or travel abroad I hope you will take advantage of it....
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