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Page | 1 FINA3331: Homework 2 Professor: Alexandra K. Theodossiou Spring 2011 Student name:__________________________________ Points: ________ Homework 2 consists of 9 problems and it is due at the beginning of our class on Friday, April 8, 2011 . Max grade for homework 10 is 2 points, minimum 0. Problem 1 is worth 6 points while each of the problems 2 through 9 are worth 0.5 points each. All steps should be shown and they should appear on this document. Your homework should be stapled and have your name on it. For every day the homework is late 5 points (of the ten) will be deducted. Late homework will not be penalized if there is a valid excuse and prior notification of the professor. Always keep a copy of your homework solutions for your own records. Detailed solutions of the homework will be posted on Blackboard 2 days after the due date. 1. From yahoo finance get the daily, historical, adjusted closing prices for Google Inc. (GOOG), Merck and Company, Inc. (MRK) and Wells Fargo and Company (WFC) for the period April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Calculate the returns. Using the
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FINA3331SP11-HW2_Solutions - FINA3331: Homework 2...

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