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Derika Harris Principles of Sociology Group Assignment: Social Stratification Our class system in the Us is an open system, that allows for social mobility (movement up, down, or horizontal). Because it is an open system, people have many more choices. An Individual can choose their occupation. Also they can choose who they socialize with and who they marry. In and open system like the US social boundaries between the classes are blurred. Rigid boundaries between the classes are not present. Are class boundaries that blurred? 1. Since our system is open and social boundaries are less defined,
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Unformatted text preview: Do you believe that social class is an important factor in who we choose to socialize with, date, and marry? I don’t believe that social class is important but it is to a lot of others in the world. 2. Are the right types of clothes, cars, homes, etc. more important than other social characteristics (for example religion)? List two social characteristics that you believe are important. No, clothes, cars, homes, etc. are not more important than religion. Two important characteristics: 1. Culture 2. Ethnicity...
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