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Negative Calorie Diet - : 1 Derika Harris Basic Human...

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1 : Derika Harris Basic Human Nutrition 20 April 2011 Negative Calorie Diet A weight loss plan that promises dramatic results is a fad diet. Although fad diets promise dramatic weight loss, these diets usually don’t result in long term weight loss and can be very unhealthy. Fad diets normally don’t work but they seem to be very popular. This is because a huge majority of people rather get rid of their weight quick and easy instead of putting forth effort to lose weight by changing their bad eating habits and exercising. Another reason why fad diets are so popular is because they surprisingly do work for a short period of time. The reason this is so is because when certain types of food or special combinations of foods stops being consumed, then fewer calories are being consumed than usual. In reality, people who try fad diets end up gaining any weight back that they had lost. Fad diets are fairly easy to recognize. Diets that do any of the following are more than likely fad diets: claim to help individual lose weight very fast (1 or 2 pounds a week), when a diet seems too good to be true, have testimonials from clients in weight loss, science, or nutrition, has no variety in food choice and does not encourage individuals to get balanced nutrition, or require a lot of money spent on things such as pills, pre-packaged meals, etc. One of the many popular fad diets is the negative calorie diet.
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Negative Calorie Diet - : 1 Derika Harris Basic Human...

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