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Lab Manual: Ion Selective Electrode 1 Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) - Fluoride Analysis In this experiment, the amount of fluoride ion in toothpaste will be determined using the method of ion selective electrode. To begin with, you should get an analytical textbook and read up on the theory of electrochemistry, in general, ISE, in particular. The general outline of this experiment is described in two papers whose authors are, T.S. Light and C.C. Cappuccino ( Determination of Fluoride in Toothpaste Using an Ion Selective Electrode ) and D.L. Zellmer (“ The Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode Experiment Direct Potentiometry and Standard Addition Methods ”). You should have gotten T.S. Light and C.C. Cappuccino paper before. If not, go back to the Assignment of Buret Preparation and Calibration and redo postlab problem #10. D.L. Zellmer’s paper is available at the website, http://zimmer.csufresno.edu/~davidz/Chem102/FluorideISE/FluorideISE.html . Study these two papers carefully.
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